The Natural Disasters In Japan

You’ve probably heard this by now so I’ll cut right to the chase:

The aftermath of the natural disasters in Japan and throughout Asia today have left thousands of people dead and many missing. Here at home, I’m thinking of the many people I know who are worried sh*tless about the whereabouts of their family. It’s not only them, there’s upset in China and New Zealand as well as both countries were subject to earthquakes after the fact. It doesn’t end there however as the ripple effect of the earthquakes have sent out tsunami alerts to the west coast of the United States. However, that isn’t the main focus on this post or the news …

The main focus is that Japan has experienced its own version of New Orleans. It is utter chaos over there right now. Who would have thought that one of the superpowers in terms of economy and manufacturing will be flatlined from one earthquake. Every single one of you that is reading this right now knows this for a fact as you can easily come up with things that come right from Japan. My camera is a Nikon, my music equipment is from Sony, both of the cars I drive are from Japan. Although you may not know anyone affected by the earthquake, the effect hits home.

Now while you may feel there’s nothing that you may be able to do at the moment, there is. Consider donating to the Global Giving relief fund. The goal set at $90,000 and already is 66% of the way one will be given to victims of the disasters in Japan. If you feel that the $25 minimum is too much for the one time payment, you can also text REDCROSS to 90999 to make a $10 donation. Through this, you can be able to extend your reach to the victims in Japan. Click on the ‘Read More’ link for a list of additional resources relating to the earthquake.